storm clouds and dogs

2 08 2008


 I took this photo of a storm approaching from my front yard.

About 2 minutes later, it looked like this.

We got a gully washer of rain. It was a toad strangler downpour. Add to that some lightening and some crashing thunder. It was glorious. Powerful. Sometimes, I just love me a good storm. I got nice and comfy on the couch and Bella snuggled up right beside me after the first crash of thunder. She still gets nervous but it seems less with each storm she endures. She trusts that she is not going to get hurt when she is close to us. She watches Daisy a lot. Daisy is not phased by thunder in the least. She will sleep right through a storm with her head hanging out of her bed onto the oriental rug. She might open an eye if the lightening is very close, but she goes right back to sleep. Bella trusts that Daisy knows the scoop and Bella follows her lead most of the time.

I still get anxious but it seems less with each storm I endure. I trust that I will be safe if I stay close to my Father. I watch the saints who have endured many storms. I trust their experience and I try to follow their lead. I want to be one who can sleep through a storm with the confidence that comes from knowing that God has it all in control. I trust Him. He knows the scoop.

I love my dogs and the life lessons they teach me.



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3 08 2008

We have been having a lot of storms here the past month. We had a doozy Friday. Looked like hurricane weather.


3 08 2008

Hey Donna, niece Donna! It is good to see you back in the comments. I have missed your input. Love you.


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