on the road

25 07 2008

We are coming home TODAY!!

As blessed as I am to have the job I have, I am always most excited when the jobs are complete and I am on my way home. I miss my church family, I miss my dogs and I miss my home. I don’t really miss my husband though. That sounds pretty bad… unless you know that Special Ed is with me on this job.

We are sitting in our hotel room, drinking coffee from the lobby and shaking the cobwebs out of our heads. Getting ready for a 7 hour drive to Wilmington. Our Pet Nanny will have Bella and Daisy at the house waiting for us. They give us such a sweet homecoming. Tails wagging like helicopter whirlybirds, Bodies wiggling all over with excitement until they flop on the floor from exhaustion with bellies showing just waiting for a tummy rub. I get puppy kisses from Bella. Daisy is much too dignified a lady to take part in such a sloppy show of affection. I never allowed a dog to give kisses before but somehow, we let this cute, sweet tempered, black, love muffin get away with it. I love my dogs.

This trip has been very fruitful. I made some new friends and got to see some old friends again. I discovered that one of the products that I use primarily on ethnic hair works wonders for our Native actors with long hair. I had the pleasure of spoiling these folks on a daily basis and it was so much fun for me because they appreciated everything that was done for them. A lot of the Natives that worked on this shoot are Pow-wow dancers. They dress in the most beautiful regalia and wear some intricate hairstyles and head pieces for the dance. They teased me about flying me in to do the Pow-wow circut with them. Apparently, folks follow the pow-wows and set up a booth to do hair for the dancers. Who knows, I may have found my next gig. 🙂



2 responses

25 07 2008

Drive safe…we miss you too! See ya Sunday!


25 07 2008

Yea you are home. We missed you tons.

love ya,



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