be true to your self

20 07 2008

Whenever I write something of a personal nature I always cringe when it comes time to press the PUBLISH button. I question… is this TMI?, will this chapter of my life benefit anyone else?, and did I put it all in a comprehensible context? This is becoming my guideline for whether or not I make things public.

Then, I get some comment that tells me SOMEONE has identified. Man, that helps me to remain transparent. You never know who will be touched in some way by just knowing they are not alone. I know that I do not need to air my dirty laundry, so to speak, and I struggle with how much honesty is too much for someone else to bear. Many times in my life, I have heard someone share something deeply personal and I have been able to say, “That is me. I feel just like that. If that person can survive and even grow through the pain, so can I.” After all, if you have found your way to the cheese in the rat maze, don’t you want to show someone else where the cheese is? I’m just saying.

My purpose for beginning this blog is to share my experience, strength and hope with others out there. I have a lot of experiences and a lot of hope. I credit God Almighty with any strength I have.

Thanks to every one who encourages me to remain transparent. I once heard some one say, “We are only as sick as our secrets.” I would add to that, be wise about who you share your secrets with and how you share your secrets. God is a good listener and He never gossips.



2 responses

21 07 2008

I am so blessed to call you “Mom”. You are awesome. I am always encouraged when I read the posts on your life because I know who you are today in Christ – what an awesome testimony!


23 07 2008


I appreciate you!


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