Call me Crazy Butt…

19 07 2008

… I love what I get to do for a living?

These are our Massasoit and Edward Winslow characters.

I worked for 53 hours in 4 days and although I was exhausted and aching all over last night, I am having a great time. There are so many interesting photos that I am having a hard time choosing what to post.

One of the things that I really enjoy about my job is the people that I meet. Whether it is my co-workers or my actors or my director or producers.

The folks that I am working with on this project have been the best. I have a good, respectful relationship with the producers. The director has told me that the previous portions that we have filmed already this year are looking great. That makes me feel like I am doing a good job at my craft and that just plain feels good.

My friend Jennifer is working with me on this. She has worked on several projects about Native Americans and she has good Indian hair styling experience. She is also the kind of person who will make it work no matter what the challenge. Her arts and crafts ability really comes in handy in our line of work. As an added bonus, she is really easy to get along with and she makes me laugh more than any other woman I know.

My friend Jerry is also working with me. I met him several years ago working on The Notebook. I could watch him create finger waves and 1940s hairstyles all day long. His mother and aunt were both hair stylists. He grew up in a salon and he has a head full of knowledge about hair styling. We hit it off from the very first week that we worked together. He makes me laugh too. A good sense of humor goes a long way in this line of work.

The three of us are creating some great looks for this program.

King Phillip and his Wampanoag warrioirs.

If I saw these guys coming toward me, I would be looking for a good place to hide. But since I got to take part in creating these looks, I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo.

Monday and Tuesday will be my last 2 days on this.

Ed and I are spending one day with family here before we head for home.



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3 08 2008

I loved the Notebook. Great movie.


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