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14 07 2008

I have a ton of stuff to unload from my car and set up in the Ballroom of the Mariott. That is where we will be doing our hair work for this episode of We Shall Remain. I found out yesterday that the location where we will be filming is one hour and ten minutes away from where we will be doing the hair. That is not good news. Our Pilgrims and Magistrate characters will all be in wigs. Our Native Americans will have an assortment of feather head dresses in their hair and who knows what make up. To have everyone crammed into a van for over an hour with all that going on is going to be tough. Once my hairstylists get out to the location, they won’t be coming back to our base camp until the end of the day. That means we do not have an option to forget so much as a product or a feather. Thank God that it is only the first day that we will be so far away. No building, no blow dryers, no running water, no lights, and my personal favorite (not) – porta-potties. “Little hair stylists on the Prairie.” This job is not for sissies. That is why I will be staying back at the ballroom. ha-ha. Actually, there will be a group of actors arriving at the hotel who are scheduled to work later in the week. I will have to fit some for wigs and shave the heads of some of the Natives who will play Massasoit’s warriors. They have to look like they did in the portion that we filmed back in March.

I love my job.



One response

15 07 2008

Wow! Glad to hear you will be where there is running water and other modern conveniences.


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