Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to work, again

12 07 2008

I haven’t had any free space in my head to think of much else besides work. I have been consumed with reading the script, breaking down the characters and planning on how many wigs I will need to order. Placing orders for all the hair products I will need in order to accomplish the look of 1623-1670. It’s like a job. Oh wait a minute, it is a job.

Add to that, working a couple of days on One Tree Hill, learning how to use an airbrush so I can age one of our characters by spraying some silver/grey in his hair AND one hot friend of mine some platinum and purple hi-lites as well as doing some killer haircuts and you have a good idea of my last couple of weeks (How’s that for a long sentence?).

Today, I spent my day packing all my equipment and my clothes. I even started to fill up the Toyota. I am glad that we have this big Sequoya because I have lots and lots of stuff going with me. Fitting everything in there is a little like doing a jig-saw puzzle. Organizing the packing always exhausts me. I am like a whirling A.D.D. dervish spinning through the house, collecting my precious items to pack.

I made myself take the time to get a pedicure. One of my guilty (or not) pleasures. Oh yeah, I found time to color my hair and do my fingernails too.

Ed and I leave tomorrow. We will go as far as the other side of Baltimore and stop at the same hotel we stayed at last time through. Then we head to the Peabody Marriott in Massachusetts. We will cram a whole lot of work into 5 shooting days. We will be filming some more scenes for the first episode of the PBS American Experience. This is going to be a lot of fun. I will try to post some pics when I get back.

The director sent me an email yesterday telling me how good the stuff we just shot in Georgia looks. A lot of times, I do not hear any feed back from the director, so it was quite nice to know that he likes what my hair department team did for him. God’s favor has been amazing on this project. It will air on PBS in 2009. I think I will be proud of this one.

Hope I haven’t just bored you to tears. I have worn myself out and I am going to bed.



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