Half way there

12 07 2008

Special Ed is an excellent driver. We traveled for about 7 and a half hours today and Ed did most of the driving. I got a lot of my scheduling work done while he drove. Ed is SEMI-retired now. It is pretty cool that he can travel with me when I go out on a short job. We are in a hotel for the night.

Tomorrow we will drive the other 7 hours to Peabody Mass. and check in to another hotel where we will stay for a week while i am working on the North shore of Mass. Then we move to the south shore and stay at another hotel while I work a couple of days there.

I always bring my own soaps and shampoo with me so I can save the soap and shampoo that the hotel gives us each day. At the end of my out of town jobs I bring home a bag full of toiletries. I bring them to the Rock and give them to the Hand-up ministry. They pick up the homeless men and women in the Wilmington area and bring them to church every Sunday where they supply them with coffee and donuts before church starts and make showers available for anyone who wants one. There is also a clothes closet where folks can get a clean change of clothes to put on after their shower. After church they drop them off again with a sack lunch.

One of the things that drew me to my church is the people who have compassion for others. Not a condescending pity and not judging how a person got where they are. The Hand up ministry is not interested so much in giving a hand out for the sake of it. They just know that we all need a hand UP sometimes.

Before we leave Mass. we have made plans to stay one night in Plymouth so we can visit Cheryl and Wayne and the grands. The production company will be having their wrap party that night but we will be wrapping things up in our own style.



One response

13 07 2008
Rachel Rowell

Gee what a crazy, fun job you have! So cool! Missed you at The ROCK today though. šŸ™‚


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