Army Wives

29 06 2008

Catherine Bell

These are two of my “favorite people that I have worked with”.

Sally Pressman

Last year I had the honor of doing hair on the hit Lifetime television series, “Army Wives”. Making these ladies look good was the easiest part of my job. I think the hardest part was being away from home for 6 months.

I have been thinking about Catherine and Sally lately. I think God put them in my life for a season that I was going through. He knew I was going to need some one around to encourage me and to be straight shooters. I never had to wonder where I stood with either one of these genuine ladies.

Very early on in our work relationship, I was feeling some strange vibes with Catherine. I finished doing her hair and as she was leaving the trailer I asked her, “Are we alright?”

She asked what I meant. I told her that I was just feeling like something was wrong between us. She looked me in the eye and said, “Nope. It’s just you.” She smiled and went on her way. She was right. It was just one of those insecure moments for me. I never worried about our relationship after that. She was always honest and very kind with me. Catherine is a gracious lady.

One day, I was sitting off by myself on set. Sometimes it was just easier to step away from my co-workers for a little while. Sally came over and pulled a chair up beside me. Without saying a word, she just reached over and held my hand. She didn’t speak or look at me . She just sat there for a few minutes and then went back to work. I hadn’t said anything to anyone that day but I was having a “lonely for my family and friends” day. That little gesture helped me that day.

I am grateful when I get to meet people who inspire to be a better me. Catherine and Sally did that for me.

The rest of the actors were great to work with too. I never had a bad day with any of them. My friend Jennifer would say, “There isn’t a clinker in the bunch”.



One response

8 07 2008
Lisa June

Hey lady! I think its so cool that God opened these doors for you to do this type of work…and I think it rocks! You are totally skilled at what you do and the best part is that you are anointed, as well! If that isn’t double fistin’, I don’t know what is! Haha! You make a lot of impact where you go and leave seeds for God…I love it….you will eventually see your sprouts come to fruition!
P.S. My purple hair kicks booty and gets A LOT of double takes! Haha!


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