ragamuffin-top challenge

28 06 2008


I managed to gain back that 2 lbs. I thought I was having a pretty decent week even though I worked on One Tree Hill for 3 days. I stayed away from the craft service table (always a lovely array of fat filled foods), brought my own meals, drank my water and walked a bit. My one splurge was an iced mocha latte from Port City Java. I asked for skim milk but I LET them add the whipped cream on top.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board! I will not give up. I am still 10 lbs. less than I was in January.



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28 06 2008

Dont let it get you down. I have weighted in the same for 2 weeks and I know I have to keep trying. I have only lost 8lbs so far but I am sure with a great exercise routine I will get things in gear!



28 06 2008

Keep up the good work and hope next week goes great!


28 06 2008

You can do it, Coni! We’re all in this together! :0)


1 07 2008

If it helps… I gained 4 lbs. according to my weigh-in 😛

Means I’ve maintained a 3lbs. weight loss though… so I haven’t completely failed. And enjoying our time together, not obsessing about food plans was a joy!

I love you!


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