It’s your serve

27 06 2008

I am asking myself:

  • what unique thing has God placed in me?
  • How can I use it to demonstrate the love of Jesus?
  • Do I care enough about others to be used (by God) to bless them?
  • Do I care enough about Jesus to be used? period?

What are you asking yourself? Take 4 minutes to watch this . Then tell me something.



2 responses

27 06 2008

That was a pretty cool story. My problem is learning to make myself slow down and seize the moments I have to make a difference.


28 06 2008

Okay I cried. One thing I am finding hard, is that lately my life is surrounded by nothing but Christians. Not a bad thing, but I work for a Christian ministry and am extremely involved with my church as a core member. My exposure to non- christians has become small. It’s bothering me. How do I do God’s command in the little exposure i am getting to the “World”? My necklace that was given to me by Nancy,Coni’s BFF,has been a great tool for testimony. People are always asking what it is when I am out. So, I do get to tell them the symbols origins. I feel like I am supposed to be doing more though.


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