21 06 2008

Well, this week was better. I am almost back where I started, which means I lost about 2 lbs this week. The biggest change I had was my lunch menu. I ate a salad and 1/2 of a sandwich instead of fast food or pizza. I got very little exercise. Next Tuesday, I will start my fiber shake for breakfast and try to stick to a salad and 1/2 sandwich for lunch. My suppers are usually pretty healthy. I enjoy cooking my free range chicken or beef, sweet potatoes or wild rice and fresh veggies. My struggle begins about 2 hours after dinner when I want to snack on fats.

I also hope to incorporate a few 30 minute walks into my week.

Some of the guys and girls involved in this challenge are really doing well. Some, like me are struggling along. But I am certain that we can all do it if we keep our focus on the goal. It is inspiring to check out the Ragamuffin Challenge here.

My goal is to reach 145 lbs. I just want to be healthy and keep the energy level that I need to work my crazy job.




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22 06 2008

Thanks for your encouragement. I imagine its crazy trying to keep on track with a wacky schedule. Good for you that you gave back those 2 lbs. My weakness is after all have gone to bed(used to be naptime but no more kid naps), I can take control of the remote, turn off my brain and finally wind down. And then I can sneak something unauthorized so as not to 1)tempt anyone else and 2)have anyone else see me and 3)not have to share with my kids. SERIOUS issues here. 🙂


22 06 2008

Great job this week. Keep up the hard work.

I’ll check back in on you next week.


24 06 2008

good job this week. i feel you on the snacking thing. people say that snacking on nuts or other high-protein foods will help, but they just don’t taste as good as sour cream and onion pringles.

portion control is key for me. i want chips. if i have the whole bag there beside me, then i’ll eat the whole bag. but if i get some out, put them on a plate, and put the container away…well i’m less likely to go get more when i’m done.

keep at it. you can do this.


25 06 2008

Great job! Salad and 1/2 sandwich is the way to go. I think the eating part is more important then the exercise… lets see. This is my first week on the challenge and you are an inspiration to me. We’re all in this together! :0) Keep it up!


25 06 2008

Way to go losing 2 pounds this week! I also love to snack. When I want something I KNOW isn’t good for me, I drink a large glass of water, wait a few minutes and see if I still want it. Or I’ll try a healthy snack like yogurt or l/f cottage cheese with some fruit and I tend to not want the fatty snack. Hopefully that will help you, too.

Keep at it!


25 06 2008

Just checking in to see how your week is going. Keep up the work!!!


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