20 06 2008

My house is quiet. I am usually the first one to go to bed at night but tonight, Ed and Brandon went to bed early and I am in front of the computer. All alone. Wow, this is kinda cool.

We all have a busy day planned for tomorrow. I will be doing hair in my studio from 10:30AM until about 6 PM. I finally got most of my equipment put away from the jobs I have been doing. I will get to do some haircuts and hair colors tomorrow. The creative juices are flowing and I love it.

Ed and Brandon will take the Explorer to the car wash and get it cleaned up for Fawn and Brian to take home with them. Then, Brandon gets to spend the night at his friend Michael’s house. I can hardly believe that he has been here for almost 2 weeks already. We have had a great time together and I am happy that he has made a new friend. He went to the youth group, Flip-side, last night and won a contest eating jalapeno peppers. Ouch.

Oh Yeah, Fawn and Brian are coming for the weekend. They are driving all night Friday, taking turns at the wheel. They plan to arrive on Saturday morning. I am sure they will crash for a while after they get here, it is about a 14 hour drive. I am pretty excited that we will be going to the Rock together as a family on Sunday morning. We are giving them our 1994 Explorer. It still runs well after serving us as a business vehicle. Now it will help Brian in his locksmith business.

That’s the skinny on what is going on around here. What’s new with you?



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