muffin-top out of control

16 06 2008

Ok, I was going to post this on Saturday night and then I chickened out but now, I have the courage to come out of the refrigerator again.

I have gained 2 more pounds. Can’t seem to get it under control since coming back from Atlanta. Eating out a lot and making bad choices. French fries are an invention of Satan. 

I know what I am doing wrong, just have to get back on track. I feel so much better when I am eating healthy. Plus, I am waaay cuter without the bloat.

I will try again tomorrow.



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17 06 2008

It’s hard!!!! I am fighting myself!!! My issue is snacking right before bed and eating crackers. Carbs….bad carbs!!!! Especially with my dietary issues and allergies. I weighed myself this morning and have lost two pounds…eleven more to go! I get so hungry at night. Last night I laid in bed wanting so bad to go downstairs and get some wheat thins. I didn’t, but I wanted to! I know your frustration and fully am in agreement about feeling healthier when I eat right! God bless you sister. I got you in my prayers.


18 06 2008
Fawn & Tony

We know what you’re doing wrong too… letting Brandon pick where you eat! 😀

Love you!


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