Brandon and Bella and Cherokees

10 06 2008

Brandon is just part of the pack now. Bella is completely comfortable with him and he is a dog lover, for sure. I am really enjoying his company. Today, we did some errands in the morning and then took a short walk down town. Emphasis on short.It was too hot to do much but we managed to find Kilwins ice cream shop and indulge in turtle cheesecake ice cream in a waffle cone. Bliss!

So, wanna know how my food plan is coming along? Gained another pound. My will power is shot. I really ate very sensibly all day until I landed in Kilwins. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Brandon is going out to work with Ed tomorrow afternoon. He is a good worker. I plan to use that time to get my equipment ready for my next job in Massachuesettes in July. This last job I finished in Georgia was a unique experience. I love the Cherokee people. There were no “airs”, no baggage. The men and women on this leg of the project were pretty straight forward. Lots of teasing each other and lots of laughter. The man that I had to glue extensions on was not too happy to see me coming at him by the second day. It was hot and the glue was very uncomfortable but he was a trooper. I finally came up with an idea of sewing his braid inside his turban and the lovely wardrobe department did the actual sewing so we could make Woodrow more comfortable. When I told him of our great brainstorm, his reply was, “why didn’t you think of that sooner?” I asked him if he was still going to like me after this shoot was over and he said he would have to see about that. I think he meant it too. On the last night, I was saying good bye to him and he said, “I still like you.” He made my night! He made me laugh. Thanks Mr. Woodrow. I know I made you hurt but you looked great!

All in all, I had a great experience with the Cherokee elders and the production company in Georgia. I look forward to going back to Mass. in July to finish the segment we began about the Wampanoags and the Pilgrims. In the meantime, I will enjoy spending time at home with my husband and my grand. Exciting changes are taking place at the Rock and I am blessed to be home to be a part of it all.

God has been so good to us. It is humbling to know that the Creator of the universe is intimately acquainted with us and that He loves us. We are so blessed.




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