Ragamuffintop challenge

3 06 2008

Oh boy Carlos! you are a tough task master.

Here it is for the world to see. will have you know that I went to Wal-mart after a 14 hour work day, found the bathroom scales and weighed myself in the store just so I could participate in this challenge.

I have eaten horribly since being in Atlanta on this job. Yesterday, was my worst day yet. I caved and made a lunch run to Wendy’s. Got a #1 combo with a frosty and I ate the whole thing. I have not eaten fast food in about 3 years. I felt pretty gross after that.

Today, I took my lunch to work. From my hotel room, I made a romaine lettuce salad and a half of a tuna sandwich. Much better.

I have been on a 1000 – 1200 calorie eating plan for a couple of months now. I dropped 14 pounds and have gained back 2 1/2 according to the Wal-mart scale. I am not going to pressure myself to stay on the calorie limit while I finish this job. The hours are too long and thyere seems to be a lot of pressure on this one. It is really hard to eat well on the road. Anyway, I will make a goal of trying to eat healthier for the rest of my time here and plan to get back on my sensible eating plan when I am home.

It is estimated that we will finish this job on Saturday at around 4 AM. I will check out of my hotel around 1 PM and take my 7 hour drive home.

Some serious sleep is in my future.



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4 06 2008

I haven’t been as strict with my diet either. I am 138lbs. That’s 18 pounds too heavy. I am working hard to try to fix this. I will keep you updated. Carbs,bad,bad carbs!!!! Not good for my allergy problem either. Know your not alone Sister Coni!


4 06 2008
Cathy Raney

Hi Beautiful Friend. I have finally found you. I was thinking of you Sunday, I said to myself “I sure do miss that hottie. She always makes me smile.” Now, regarding your blog, Kudos to you for getting on a scale and “exposing yourself” to all the world. I have come to learn that weight is a number, much like age. Way too much thought, status and worry is put into a number that we as women are never happy with, no matter what digit it may be. Every woman is beautiful, no matter what their size. Women are so beautiful that God made us last. We are the CRESCENDO of creation, the CLIMAX. It just doesn’t get any better. PS – I am going to divulge a little secret to you…last night I had a hot fudge sundae for dinner, and that my hot friend was the crescendo of my day. Make it a great one (and if a frosty or a hot fudge sundae is needed, so be it.)


4 06 2008

We sure do miss you. We’ll be glad to have you back.


10 06 2008
RC of strangeculture

Way to be disciplined. Best of luck…and whew…hopefully you get through those long days alright!


16 06 2008

I noticed you recently signed your life away to the muffin challenge. lol


I recently gave into Taco Bell. It wasnt pretty but I am serious about continueing the challenge.

Good luck and I will check back soon!



16 06 2008

Thanks for the inspiration Gretchen.


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