The Strangers

31 05 2008

I have the weekend off.

I am in Dalton, Ga. Now, you may ask yourself, “What does one do on a day off in Dalton?” “While staying in a Super 8 hotel?” “Without friends and family?” “After working 52 hours in 4 days?”

You guessed it. Slept in. Until about 9 AM when the 9 year old cantankerous child in the next room started screaming at her parents that she did not want to wear shorts and short sleeves just before running out the door and letting it slam behind her. She proceeded to sit right outside my door and yell at the parents through their now closed door. That is until I whipped my door open and stated firmly and clearly, “Stop that yelling.” Startled, she looked up at me, dressed in my PJs, and kept eye contact for about 30 seconds before making the wise decision to QUIETLY go back into her room.

This morning, I made my coffee and toast for breakfast and ate it while catching up on reading my email. Then, I called Ed. I walked out to the pool and sat at the edge, dangling my feet in the cool water and enjoyed the sunshine on my back while talking to my Sweetie. I was all alone out there. Our hotel lacks in several areas but the view is lovely. We are on the side of a small mountain and the train comes very close so that we can hear the whistle every once in a while. Very quaint.

In the afternoon, I took a ride by myself to Chattanooga, Tn. I went to the movies to see “The Strangers”. This is definitely not the type of movie that I would normally go see. It is scary as anything and it has an R rating. I shamelessly admit that the only reason I went to see it is because my name is in the credits. It is my first “Department Head” credit on a feature film and I worked very hard on it. It was a real delight to see my name om the big screen. This time, it did not speed by so fast that you would miss it if you blinked.

At the same time I was at the movie in Chattanooga, Ed was watching it in Wilmington. I am fairly pleased with the outcome of my work. The story takes place in one night and we filmed it over 6 weeks. The continuity was a little tricky but I think we pulled it off. My friend Jennifer Santiago worked this show with me and was a huge help to me. It is a blessing to work with someone who knows what they are doing. I never had to second guess her work and she kept me on track some of the time too. As I listened to the audience members around me gasp in shock at the scary moments, I found myself giggling because I remembered something Jennifer said or did to make me laugh. Thank you Jennifer, for keeping my spirits up during that wacky job.

I have to give kudos to Wendy Bell Dean and Vinny Schicci for doing a great job on the make up. After you see it, you will know what I mean. (I won’t spoil it for you)

By the way, Liv and Scott worked very hard to keep the energy level up throughout the last hour and 20 minutes of this movie. They did a great job of being believably terrified. Liv dropped several pounds during the production but she always looks great.

This is Liv Tyler on the set of The Strangers.

This is Scott Speedman. Tell me they are not adorable.

OK, I couldn’t resist this one. It is Jennifer and make up artist Leigh Ann, sitting on set during a quiet moment. In case you can’t tell, Jennifer is playing Yahtzee and Leigh Ann is watching a hand held television.

Hey, we have to enjoy those moments when they come. I love these ladies!

This is actually the “kitchen” set of the house that the story takes place in.



One response

1 06 2008

Sorry for commenting on this post about this. But you said you wanted to be held accountable and you were going to jump in the challenge.
Time to bring it!!!
Jump in NOW!!!


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