25 05 2008

We are enjoying a weekend together in Atlanta. In our exploring, we found this beautiful park and walked for about an hour. It was very relaxing because we found park benches to sit on along the way. We sat next to a young man that we had an interesting chat with. His name is Todd. He was holding a book titled, letters to the Corinthians. Great conversation starter.

Turns out that Todd is on a spiritual journey. Aren’t we all? He is challenging the religion of others. He does not want to believe something just because some one tells him so. He is on a quest for truth. An extremely personal journey. He is looking for the LOVE of Jesus. Someone close to him was the catalyst for the search. It seems that he was told that Jesus could not love certain people the way that they are. We talked about the greatest commandment being to love God and then to love others. He was certain that God orchestrated our meeting, as were Ed and I. I sang a verse of Alabaster box to him. I don’t question those things anymore. When God drops a song in my spirit, I just let it fly.

Todd thanked us and wished us a good afternoon before going on his way. Ed and I sat there for a while longer. We prayed that Jesus would reveal the truth that Todd is seeking. I am glad that we slowed down enough to meet this young man. It is a good day.



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29 05 2008

Wow- I had to hit “previous entries” twice to read all the way back to the last one I read! You seem to be having a wonderful time, Coni, full of medical interventions, God moments, and lots of hard work. The one about the house plant trying to knock on the door made me laugh out loud.

I miss you & I love reading about what’s going on. How’s the lung stuff going?



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