The worst and the best

20 05 2008

I went in to work at 10 AM on Friday. I was really looking forward to getting paid because I had spent 2 weeks in Shelby without a pay check. I was paying for my stay out of my own pocket with the understanding that I would be reimbursed with a separate check along with my pay check.

Late in the evening, I noticed several people walking around with the coveted white envelope, signifying that the pay roll had been distributed. I waited patiently for my Department Head to bless me with my dough. When that didn’t happen, I asked her if there was a check for me. Seems that she thought the accountants had already delivered mine to me. So, we began the quest to find Coni’s pay check. At 2:30 Saturday morning, they called WRAP. Still no sign of a pay check for me. All I could do at this point was go back to my hotel and get some sleep.

 I checked out of my hotel on Saturday and headed for home.

 I put in a call to the payroll accountant on my way. The production office is located in Charlotte and I had to drive right through that city. If my check was at the office I could have stopped in to pick it up.

What I got was a fellow with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. When I asked him if my check might be in the office he told me that he didn’t know. Not good words from the PAYROLL accountant. So I asked him if there had been a check for me at all. Again, “I don’t know.”

Now, I tried to be understanding because I discovered that I was not the only person on the crew who did not receive a check on Friday. I figured he already had a morning full of irate phone calls and I didn’t want to be one of them… BUT, “I don’t know” is not an adequate answer at a time like this. He snipped at me that he would call me when he came across my check.

Two and a half hours later, I called him back. He said, “I thought I was supposed to call you when I found your check.”

I replied, “I thought you were too. It is now 2PM and I haven’t heard anything from you.”

He said, “I have your name and number right in front of me and I will not forget you.”

I reminded him that my last name starts with an A and I know the checks come in alphabetical order.

I know I am starting to drone on about this now. Let me finish by saying that he never did call me back on Saturday. Or Sunday, of course.

I called him this morning and asked him just to tell me if my check had been mailed out to me. His answer was, “I believe it has been.”

What kind of answer is that? ! 

OK, I am done with my rant.

I spent most of today packing the equipment I will need for my job this week. Wigs, hair pieces, clips, combs, brushes, hot rollers, curling irons, spirit gum, glues, hair sprays, ect…

I gave my cute, little next door neighbor a haircut. She liked it enough that she came over with a hand made Thank you card and a hand made award for being “The best, most gifted artist I know”.

Thank you Rachel. I hung my award and my card up on my mirror in my studio. You made my day.

Looking forward to my next project. I like the people I will be working with. The production company is trustworthy and the project is interesting. It is about the Cherokee Indians and the politics of the early 1800s.

I learned a technique from the hairstylsit on Blood done sign my name that I am anxious to use on my next show. Johnny Fuller came to the studio after church yesterday and let me try it out on him. What a good sport. We gave him a short afro but I ran out of hair to finish the top of his head. He looked a little like a character from the Simpsons when we were done. We took pics with his phone and sent them to his wife. We have some of the best friends.

Thanks Johnny. Thanks Helen,for letting me borrow your husband’s noggin.




2 responses

22 05 2008

Not a problem. I only wish I could have been there to see it in person…I’m sure the pictures don’t do it justice.


23 05 2008

1. ugh! that s@#ks !!! (er… i mean – – that’s awful.)
2. rachel’s hair is adorable
3. ummmm, you seem to have forgotten something on this post. i’m sure it was just an innocent oversight. you see, you can’t tell us you have pictures of johnny fuller bedecked in balding afro glory and then not post the pictures!!!!! that’s just plain – – wrong. 😉


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