Experience, strength and hope

20 05 2008

This Thursday is the 33 year anniversary of my husband’s sobriety.

We met in AA. I was looking for a reason not to belong in the program. I was justifying and rationalizing that AA was only for alcoholics and I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, so, it couldn’t possibly work for me. Ed shattered that idea for me one night when I heard him speaking at an AA meeting. He said that he was a heroin addict, (Hey, me too) and AA was working for him. (Oh man.) I knew if it was working for one dual addict, it would work for all dual addicts. That night, I stopped trying to rationalize myself out of AA.

It took me another year before I actually spoke to him. My sponsors told me straight up that I was an emotional cripple and I needed at least a year of sobriety under my belt before I would be able to have a healthy relationship. One year, one month, one week and one day into my sobriety i had my first date with Eddie the Baker. We split after about 2 years but neither of us drank. We got back together after another two years and now we have been married for 25 years. Both sober and both able to have a healthy relationship.

I am so proud of the man that my husband has become. He has come such a long way from the man who dragged into the doors of AA 33 years ago. Today, I call him Special Ed. He is so special to me. He is a loyal friend and husband. He is an honest man. Ed has a depth and compassion to him that is evidenced in the way he reaches out to the hurting people he comes in contact with. My husband has a relationship with one other and that comes before his relationship with me. My husband knows that God saved him from the pit he was in. He is not ashamed to say that God set his feet on the path to sobriety. God uses AA just like He uses Doctors to heal. Oh, I beieve that God can do awesome miracles without the help of doctors or programs. I am just grateful that He chooses to do some of His miracles through us. AA works. God is awesome.



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21 05 2008

Pastor Jim calls “rationalize”-“Rational Lies” And it’s true. Tell Mister “Special Ed” I luv em!!!God is Sooooooooooooo Good!!!!!


22 05 2008

I love it! I met my wife at a gay online AA meeting. I had 12 years, and she had a few months. I refused to meet her in person until she had a year. We’ve been together for almost 11 years now. And I always like to hear about long term sobriety. Congratulations.


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