No green thumb here

18 05 2008

Ok, so I am pretty sure that Ed is not unique when it comes to house plants. Or porch plants, in this case. This is the scene that I was greeted with as I pulled into my drive way yesterday after a two week stay in Shelby, NC.

When I left home, I thought I would only be out of town for 2 days of work. That 2 days turned into 2 weeks. When I left, there were 5 different kinds of lettuce growing in that pot. They have not been watered in 13 days. This stalk is trying it’s hardest to reach the front door so it can knock and ask Special Ed for a glass of water. Another day or 2 and I believe it would have reached it. If it didn’t keel over and die first!

It is amazing that I still have an African Violet on the kitchen table. Last year, I took it to Charleston, SC while I worked for 6 months on Army Wives. It was on it’s last roots by the time I got home this time.

In the plant world, Ed is known as the Grim Reaper. As I head out the door for my out of town work, I can almost hear them whimper, “Please don’t leave us for too long.”

Ahh, life with Ed can be such an adventure.  If that is all I have to be concerned with, I am one blessed woman!



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19 05 2008
Sara Lea That’s the link to my blog, such as it is!


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