Why I work like a crazy person

16 05 2008

This is my last day on Blood done sign my name. Every day has been a marathon. I have had to load and unload my equipment each day. That also means setting up all my irons, hot rollers, tables to work on, chairs to work off of, a table on which to stock hair sprays, spray on hair colors, afro wigs, research pictures and hair nets. The end of each day I have to pack it all up and get it into the back of my Toyota Sequoia, ready to do it all again the next day. I feel like a gypsy without a home.

That wouldn’t be too bad except that, in between unpacking, sorting things out and packing it all up again, I am creating about 50 hairstyles that would have been appropriate for 1970. Then, I get to go to set and chase the back ground around all day to make sure their hair stays looking the same. Wow, I am tired just writing all that.

Today is a very big scene. The hairstyles I will create include hair cuts for State Police, County Police, afros and afro wigs, roller sets, war vets who are a bit unkempt and dis-sheveled, news reporters and lawyers. All 1970s. About 150 people for 3 hair stylists to do in about 3 hours. It breaks down like this: 50 hair styles per stylist in 3 hours, about 17 hairstyles per hour for each hairstylist. That is approximately 4 mins. per hair style. Oh yeah, and after the first two hours I lose the other 2 hair stylists and, as the saying goes, “Y’on Y’own.”

So, Lord, remind me again why I love what I do.

Oh yeah. I get to meet some of the nicest people. I meet some characters. And I meet some brothers and sisters in Christ. I get the privilege of placing my hands on hurting people so I may impart peace and healing to them. I get to place my hands on strong, prayed up people so that they can impart strength and grace to me. I get to be creative. I laugh more than I whine through out my day. Sometimes I get to sing out loud and many times I sing to me and Jesus, on the inside. My day is NEVER boring. I meet new challenges every day. I am tested every day. Sometimes I pass the tests. Many times I fall short. I learn a lot about myself by how I deal with the people that God puts in my life. I constantly need to remember that “Nothing can happen in my life that God and I, together, cannot handle.” My Abba Father blesses me every day. He blesses me going out and He blesses me coming in. He has called me to be the head and not the tail, above ONLY and not beneath, a lender and not a borrower. He picks me up when I fall down and gives me strength to go again. He put a new song in my mouth. A song of praise. He has given me a testimony to share with others who will see the power of God in the life of one ordinary person. He rocks my world. He is large and He is in charge.

Wow, I think I am ready to go to work now. See ya later.



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