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14 05 2008

I am sitting in a hotel room in Shelby, NC. I’m half brain dead from the wacky hours I have been working and I am trying to prep for an upcoming period film I am scheduled to start on next week. So, what am I doing? Trying to catch up on my google reader. There are 115 blog posts of my friends and acquaintances that I have not had time to read. A very cool thing has happened. Even though I am stressing out a bit over all I am doing (and should be doing) I just caught myself smiling while I was reading.

What is up with that?

I follow some creative people’s blogs and I so enjoy reading the thoughts of these guys. It makes me feel almost normal.

In the true spirit of the seventies, I just have to say, Write on.

My last day of work on “Blood done sign my name” will be Friday. I check out of the hotel on Saturday and go home to my Ed and my dogs. It will be so good to be at my church on Sunday. I realize that one of the reasons I work the way I do is so I can afford to stay home for long periods of time in between movies. I love my work but I love my home more.

One cute story before I retire.

We eat lunch in a large white tent. The crew and the extras eat together. Sometimes the actors choose to eat in their trailers. It is not always because they are stuck up but sometimes they can’t enjoy their food because extras will ask for a photo or an autograph. We only get 30 mins. for lunch so it’s not like we lounge around and enjoy a long chat.

Last week, I was eating lunch and the table across from me was occupied by a group of extras. I watched as Rick Shroeder came in with his tray of food and took an empty seat right in the midst of these extras. The lady to his left turned and nodded to him as a “welcome” and turned back to her food. It was precious to watch as her mind realized that one of the lead actors was sitting next to her. Her head snapped around and I could hear her say, “Oh. It’s you!” In no time at all she had handed her camera to the person accross the table from them and asked if she could have a picture with Rick. He was very sweet and put his fork down, swallowed his food and put his arm around her and gave a movie star smile for the camera.

That was one happy lady. Score one more lifetime fan of Rick Shroeder.



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