Remember When

3 05 2008


This morning was a very uplifting morning. I took part in a ladies tea party at my girlfriend’s church. They invited a ministry that helps single ladies who have fallen on hard times for any number of reasons. The main goal of this ministry is to provide a Christian context in which women in need are equipped for life and employment; and a missions context in which women can help. Part of this is accomplished through a mentoring program. Women who come along side these women and show them how to become successful. The ladies learn how to make a resume, how to dress for an interview and how to organize their lives. I could use some of that organization myself.

The ministry is called Christian Women’s Job Corp. I like their motto; Changing lives one woman at a time.

This is one of the things I would like to be involved with if I had a more normal schedule. For more information on CWJC visit  and click on the CWJC link.

I got to sing Heal the wound but leave the scar, again. It is such a powerful song that many of the women were crying throughout the song. It can be tricky to sing to a room full of crying women. I get emotional myself when I see some one cry. I have to close my eyes and sing it to Jesus so I don’t turn into a blubbering mess. Sometimes that doesn’t work and I cry along with everyone else. Oh well. I love this song!

There is a line that reminds me of an AA slogan which says; Remember When. I have been sober for 31 years. I never want to forget what God has pulled me out of. I believe that people who forget their past are doomed to relive it. There are many things that I would love to erase from my phsyche but if I forget where I came from, I will forget what God has done for me. Then, I run the danger of thinking that I have it all together. Here is a secret… I don’t. Oh, you already knew that huh? Figures.

“I’ll build an altar with the rubble that you found me in

And every stone will sing of what You can redeem”

Never let me forget how merciful you are Jesus. Thank You for loving a mess like me. Heal the wound but, leave the scar.




One response

6 05 2008

Thank you for sharing the length of your sobriety. I just had 24 years, and I often feel alone and lonely with that amount of time. I often have the most time in the room, and it’s very nice to hear that others are further down this road and making it. It’s a comfort and an inspiration.


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