1 05 2008

I have some good news to report. Yesterday, I got the results of my second colonoscopy.

There are no more cancer cells living in my colon.

Oh yeah baby! Raising the roof, hands up-raised, giving God the glory for a healing. God can do all things, nothing is impossible for Him. He chose to use my Doctors to first, find the polyps and second, to remove them. All the polyps were PRE-cancerous. All the polyps and surrounding tissue are gone.

If you have been thinking that it might be time for you to have this test, please, don’t wait any longer. My doctor said that if I had waited even 6 months, this would have been cancer. It is not a coincidence that my GP asked me why I haven’t had one yet. My answer was “No one invited me to that party.” His answer was, “Consider yourself invited. We will book the appointment.”

Thank you to my Doctors and to God who uses their brains and hands. A big thank you to my friends who have been praying for me. It is the most comforting thing I can possibly think of to have people care enough to call out my name before God. I am humbled and most grateful.



4 responses

1 05 2008


yay, God!!!!!!!!!!

yay, Coni!!!!!!!!!!


3 05 2008

Thank you Lord! I have been waiting to hear this good news! Are you supposed to have that test done about age 50? I don’t want to show up at the party too early… LOL


4 05 2008

That is awesome!!! Fun party, eh?
I had other “parties” this past week. A Barrium Enema, an endoscopy and widening of the esophogus and the liver biopsy. They couldn’t tell results, but did say no cancer. So, double yeah! The barrium enema is worse cuz you are awake. A colonosopy is really not too bad.


7 05 2008

Thank the Lord….prayers have been answered, and I am so relieved for you Auntie!! XOXOXOX


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