Ode to a lump

29 04 2008

I spent 3 years working on Dawson’s Creek. The hours were horrendous, anywhere between 12 – 16 hours a day, five days a week. Pretty much the only time Ed saw me was when I was sleeping. I think he missed me because he wrote this for me. I share this with his permission.

(Disclaimer by Ed) This was written on a very lonely night, on a very long first season of Dawson’s Creek. My deepest regrets and sincere apology to the estate of Dr. Seuss.

O’ me o’ my there’s a lump in my bed

It is quivering and snoring so I know it’s not dead

It’s lumpy and bumpy and sometimes a grump

But I’m madly in love with this cute little lump.

It must appear in the middle of the night,

Cuz it is always there in the morning sunlight.

It’s nothing I dread, this lump in my bed.

It just quivers and snores, so I know it’s not dead.

It’s a dainty little lump, just a small mound,

with hair sticking out of the covers in a small little crown.

I pat it and kiss it and bid it good bye

and go off to work with a tear in my eye,

knowing it will be gone before there is a moon in the sky.

Tonight, all alone I will go to bed,

knowing in the morning there will be a lump in my bed.

It will always be here, this I don’t fret.

It’s the greatest little lump I have ever met.

When all is done and all is said,

I’m madly in love with this lump in my bed.

composed by Ed “Shake a stick” Andress



4 responses

29 04 2008

Way to go Ed…. I would like to hear him read it out loud though. Just to get the full effect of this great poem…..


29 04 2008

That was awesome. I love Dr. Seuss and I loved Mr. Ed’s poem.


30 04 2008
Sara Lea

I remember it well!!!!!!!!!


4 05 2008

That is so cool, Ed. Sad cuz it was true, but great writing. Dr. Seuss would be proud!


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