People and friends and co-workers, oh my.

26 04 2008

Whew. Ed and I accomplished a lot today. I wrote the last post while coloring my hair. Actually I had already cut it and applied the color, then I wrote during the 45 minutes it takes for the color to develop.

Ed finished making his Bavarian cheesecakes for the parties while my hair color processed.

We managed to:

  •  go shopping for a gift,
  • eat soup & salad @ Olive Garden,
  • attend a house warming (one Bavarian cheesecake),
  • and attend a retirement party together (the second Bavarian cheesecake).

I left Ed at the last party and went downtown to meet some of the folks I have been working with for Sushi. Ed did not care to come with me for that one. He says he does not eat bait.

I feel very blessed to have so many people in my life that I have enjoyed spending time with today. The discussions that I took part in today ran the gamut. Each one was interesting to me for a variety of reasons. From spiritual matters to hair color and whether eel tastes better cooked or raw.

It is curious how all this fell on one day. After the less than stellar week I had, I was grateful for some fun stuff to do. Because I am a people person this was a most enjoyable day. God is so good to me. He knows what I need and when I need it most. He has been working a lot of stuff out in my life lately. It is kind of exciting.



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