Happy Saturday

26 04 2008

What a gorgeous Saturday! I used to love Saturdays as a kid. No school, cartoons in the morning and then out to play for the whole afternoon.

My folks divorced when I was 2 years old. I don’t have good childhood memories of family bonding times. All my siblings are quite a bit older than I am and my poor Mom was alcoholic for as long as I can remember.

That combination causes a little girl to use her imagination. I used to make up stories in my head and act them out. Of course, I was always the main character of my escapades.

For a time, we lived in an apartment building in Weymouth, Mass. We had a long garage in the back parking lot that was divided into stalls for the tenants to rent. My Mom rented a space to park her car in. It was the magical, wooded domain behind this garage that captured my Saturday afternoons. There was a huge hunk of granite that had been blown up out of a nearby quarry. I called it The Pointed Rock, naturally. It was shaped like a triangle with a great pinnacle that was custom made for climbing to the top of while imagining scenes of Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Everest. It had a glorious ledge on the side of it where I used to snuggle in and look out at the forest around me. It was a quiet and alone place.

I would sit there for hours and let my imagination run wild. One of my favorite mind travels was that I would be kidnapped by some bungling kidnappers who would discover that I had an amazing talent to sing. They devised a plan to get rich and famous by booking me into concert halls all over the world. I could have escaped anytime I wanted because they were not smart enough to keep me captive but I enjoyed traveling and singing, so I let them keep me. I became more famous than they were and I went home and bought my family a huge house to live in. We had a spotlessly clean garage attached to the house for my mother to park her brand new sports car in. The refrigerator and cupboards had all the food we could ever want. Eventually I hired my one time kidnappers to be my agents. They were not smart but they were great at booking concerts and they fell in love with me and wanted to adopt me. I told them that I would always be their friend but I had a family already. They got very rich and adopted a whole choir of orphans and booked them to sing in concert halls all over the world. Of course, we all lived happily ever after.

 I don’t have a clever way to wrap up this rambling of mine. It’s just where my mind went this morning. Any way, thanks for letting me share my memory with you. Happy Saturday!



3 responses

26 04 2008

I love the tidbits of your life I get through this blog.


26 04 2008

What a cool story…I lived in the country…siblings much older than I as well, so I so relate to the Saturday imagination station. I was Wonder Woman.


27 04 2008
Sara Lea

I think you should write a book. Take these blogs and compile them. You have an incredible way of telling a story. I love to read them!


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