Finding the humor

24 04 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday were not my favorite days. I had to repeat that awful procedure on Weds. which means that Tues. was spent close to the comforts of home… ;p yuck. All that going left me feeling like a dish rag. I just have to kvetch a little. My appointment was at 1:45 on Weds. afternoon. Inhuman treatment. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight on Tuesday… which, by the way, was spent on a liquid diet. Most of my liquid diet consisted of lime flavored Gatorade mixed with horrible poison that turns your insides out. Here I was thinking that lime jello would be a nice touch to a liquid diet. Well, the green jello is still in the fridge because I could not even look at it after 64 oz. of the vile concoction I had to ingest. I think I have already said YUCK. (Bear with me, I am almost done whining.) As hard as I tried to stay busy on Weds. morning, the time just would not pass quick enough. No coffee, no breakfast, no lunch, no water. As Fawn used to say, “No nuffin.” OK, I’m done.

The ride to the GI clinic was fine. In fact, on our way there, the nurse called and asked if we could come early. I was 10 mins. away and my appointment was in 20 mins. Kind of a moot point. But, I said I was done complaining, and I am.

The procedure is simple because the nurse injects a glorious elixir into my veins that sends me to dream wonderful dreams which I do not remember. At some point, my husband is re-introduced to me and I like him – a lot. I am happy to see him. Then, the doctor is re-introduced to me and I like him. I am happy to see him too, or so I am told. He tells me and Ed how everything went. (enter Charlie Brown’s teachers voice here- wah wa wah waa.)  A lovely flight home on gossamer wings interrupted by Ed’s voice. “What is that on the front porch?” I recognize my house and I like it. A vase of beautiful white tulips with purple (my favorite color in the world) accent flowers. They come in the house and onto my kitchen table. I like them – a lot. I am happy.

My bed has freshly washed sheets on it. My room smells like lavender. My dogs come into the room to make sure I am alright. When I awake, Ed will make me scrambled eggs. I love my home.

Today, I understand that 2 more small polyps have been removed and the doc dug deeper around the first one he removed and sent tissue to the lab for more tests. Ed says that the doc did not seem alarmed and he expects the other 2 are no more than polyps. I am trying to rest although I am just not good at staying still for long. After pulling weeds in my back yard for 45 mins. I am reminded that I have had things removed and cauterized from my intestine. “For the love of Pete, go in the house and sit down, Coni.” That is when I decided to share my experience with you. You lucky people!

I called my daughter, my girlfriend and my church to update them. It is such a privelege to have prayer warriors in my life. My faith and confidence are in my God. He knows the number of hairs I have on my head. He cares for everything about me. He has the plan for my life. I am completely surrendered to Him and I trust Him. He is faithful.

The lovely bouquet is from my co-workers, Francis & Jeri. I thought you deserved to share in their beauty. Thanks for listening to me carry on.



One response

25 04 2008
Sara Lea

You Jewish? I love your Kvetching. No one kvetches with such humor and finesse then you, my friend. Your Jewish friend here says “Kvetch on!” , as long as it is funny. LOL. I have to say I would pay money to see you coming out of the aenesthisia. Hee hee hee hee!!!! I know the Lord has you well in hand. As you would say” I ain’t sceered!”


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