Singing again

21 04 2008

My lovely co-workers allowed me to leave early on Friday so I could get to the conference on time. You see, several weeks ago, I was asked to sing one song at each of the 3 sessions. I was delighted. I asked God what He would have me sing and I was quite sure that He did not want me to fall back on any of the songs I already knew. I went shopping for new songs and found 3 that spoke to my heart. I learned them in time to make them my own.

All the ministry participants were asked to be at the church by 5:45 PM for sound checks.

I had some work to do in the trailer with the make up department head and the head of my department before I left. They asked me to sing a little of the song that I would be doing that night. I got to sing about half of Heal the Wound  for them. My dept. head started to cry.

It is random happenings like that which confirm for me that I am in the right place for such a time as this. I do not have to know all the whys and wherefores. God touched some one right before my eyes. And He uses ordinary people who are simply willing to show up.




One response

21 04 2008

I have got to hear that song! It sounds awesome!


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