How did God get into this?

16 04 2008

I get to go to work tomorrow on an HBO series. It is a bawdy British comedy on the same lines of Benny Hill or Monty Python. Lots of character changes and prosthetic make up.

This is how this crazy business works…

I never sent in a resume to any of the projects shooting here in town. Frankly, none of them were of any interest to me and I was enjoying my time at home.

My friend Sally works as a set medic and she was hired on the HBO thing. She was talking to someone on set and happened to mention that she and I had gone out for Sushi last week. The hair stylist heard my name mentioned. Turns out that she was the same lady who was the Department Head on Ya-ya sisterhood. I ran the background for her on that movie. We got along great and really liked each other. For a while after she went back to LA. we stayed in touch via e-mail. Life goes on.  That was in 2000 and we lost touch over the years.

Since arriving in Wilmington a few days ago, she was trying to find my last name and my phone number, to no avail. Until… tadaaa… my friend Sally just happened to be within earshot of my long lost friend, Jeri. Sally passed Jeri my phone number. Now, not only do I get to work with a respected hair stylist in my industry but I get to rekindle a past friendship. Cool beans. I am also meeting some other talented hair and make up artists on this show. I love meeting new people and learning new stuff.

God is good. I believe He had everything to do with orchestrating this whole thing. I am kind of excited to see what else happens.

Yesterday I got to sing Power in the Blood in the make up tent. The Assistant Director came in to prep the back ground artists. He told them they would be required to sing this old hymn in the church scene they were getting ready to do. He thought the song was called Precious Blood of the Lamb. My ears perked up. He had a recording of a short piece of the song. He played it for them and then asked if anyone knew the words just before that stanza. No one said a word. He was starting to sweat a little bit and his patience grew a little thin with the silence. “OH, come on. Someone?”, he begged.

Well, I took that as my cue and just started singing,                              “There is power, power, – wonder working power – in the blood of the Lamb.   There is power, power, – wonder working power – in the precious blood of the Lamb”.                                                                                          

 Indeed, that was the song he was looking for. He asked me to sing it two more times so the ones who didn’t know it could pick it up. I think God is hilarious some times. Honestly, this was a place I would have least expected to be able to make such a declaration right out loud. Then to be asked to do again, twice. Hilarious!








3 responses

16 04 2008

wOw!!! that’s all i have to say about all that! 😀
go sis.


17 04 2008

You are such a Kingdom plant!

Secret agent (wo)man… carrying the gospel everywhere she can! =)

Love it, love it, love it!

Praying for ya.


19 04 2008
Sara Lea

All I can do is smile!!!! God is so cool!!!!


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