The Church of Oprah?

13 04 2008

Please watch this video to the end. Please leave me a comment. This is very interesting and evokes some strong, emotional responses. Did you know about this? Anyone know what the heck a “mass trance” is? I hope it is not what I am thinking. This concerns me in a scary way.

Rockers! We have got to get serious about our city. I believe that we are right on God’s time table. God wants Wilmington to know of His mercy and love now.



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13 04 2008
Sara Lea

It’s very scary. I saw the video last week. She has renounced Jesus. She has said that the statement ” That God is a jealous God” was the turning point for her. Her God isn’t jealous. I think she totally has missed the point. Sadley, she has a lot of influence, but she is also losing viewership as a result too. Her show on the “pregnant Man” was like watching a Jerry Springer show. We need to be vigilant and pray for Oprah. She is obviously a lost soul. At the same time, we should pray that her influence over people will diminish as she walks away from Christ. It is sad to see a woman who has gained so much use her power and money for something very demonic and not of the Lord.


13 04 2008

I have a few thoughts on this video:
1) No follower of Christ should get their faith or world view from Oprah.
b) I very much appreciate the many good things Oprah has done. But, I still would never get my theology from her show.
III) Anyone who believes the Bible to be the guide book for their life and studies it accordingly would easily find the many holes in her teaching. So, if “Christians” would spend as much time in the Bible as they spend on Oprah, all of this would become irrelevant.
D) If the church would become more vocal about what we are for than what we are against, the world would see the true love of Christ.
5) Oprah is an amazing and generous lady but she doesn’t have it figured out. Unfortunately, when you have such a big platform, everyone gets buffeted about with you as you are on your path.

Regarding how we live our lives: Less Oprah. More of the Bible.
Regarding how we worship: Less Oprah. More Jesus.
Regarding how the world views us. Less talk about Oprah. More love.

I gotta go… Oprah’s on…


14 04 2008

I started to leave a message here but… decided to write to my hearts content. Please read Inspired Thoughts blog at the top of my blogroll.


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