Hi Ho. Hi Ho. It’s off to work I go…

12 04 2008

It’s back to the year 1830. These are a couple of pics from a short part of the PBS documentary that I worked on in March. The main part of the story was about the Wampanoags and Pilgrims. Since we were in the area, we used Sturbridge Village to begin filming another episode of the series. 

The rest of this segment of the documentary will be done outside of Atlanta in May. It is about the Cherokee Indians, how they tried to assimilate to western culture and yet got moved against their will and lost their land to settlers. I am beginning to develop a new understanding of history in this arena. I have heard of the “Trail of Tears” before but studying some of the true history while making myself ready for this project has opened my eyes a little.

I had a choice to make between continuing with the PBS series or going to South Carolina on a big movie. As always, I labored over the decision of which project to take. The feature film offered much more money and prestige and the job would be less stressful because I would not be running the department. On the other hand, the documentary was a pleasant experience, I will be department head and I had a good rapport with the producers and director. A lot of it is just going on gut feeling so I love it when the confirmation comes that I made the right choice.

The same day that I turned the feature down and let PBS know for sure that I would sign on to the project in Georgia, I got a call from the producer in Boston. She said that the director and producers loved the hair we did on the Wampanoag episode (hooray for my team of talented hair stylists) and they want me to come back to do the next segment of that episode in July. I didn’t have to think about it. I said yes. Two weeks in Boston in July is not a bad gig.

Within moments, I got an email from the producer in Georgia. She knows of another PBS documentary that will be shooting there in June and asked if I would like her to recommend me for that position. Again, yes.

So, let’s see. I turned down one job as the third hair stylist and I gained two definite department heads and a potential third job as department head. Not to mention, I get to recreate period hairstyles which is my absolute favorite kind of movie work. Yep, good decision.

The other cool thing is that these jobs are each only about 2 weeks long. That leaves me a good portion of my summer to do what I like to do. Oh yeah, I am dancing the Macarena now baby. LOL 



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14 04 2008

Wow, congrats on a good choice!


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