It’s all good

10 04 2008

The time has come for me to use this post to relay some personal information. I know you are not shocked about that. You should be used to it by now.

I have received a few phone calls from co-workers and friends this week. The word is out that I have had cancer and will be undergoing surgery. This is not entirely correct. I thought I should straighten out some mis- conceptions.

I am 55 years old and have never had a colonoscopy done until about 2 weeks ago. It is a routine thing for anyone over 50. My GI doctor found a polyp. He removed the polyp and sent to a lab to be tested. The results came back positive for cancer. Now, DO NOT go goofy on me here. The doc feels like he got it all out and I trust him. He is the same doc that brought me through Hep C a few years ago and I am CURED of that. The next logical step for us is to have the doc do another colonoscopy to be sure that he got everything out. He said that he marked around the area with tattoo ink so the area will be easy to find again.

Ed didn’t want me to get another tattoo so I’m hiding this one from him. Don’t tell him. 🙂

So, I will be having a minor procedure, called a colonoscopy, done on April 23rd. I have complete confidence that everything will come out fine. Several men and women of faith are praying with me for a complete healing and a good report. If I have not asked you to pray yet, don’t waste any time being mad at me. This is your invitation. Pray for complete healing.

I have experienced healing before and I am sure that my God is able to do it again. Stand with me. Feel free to drop me an email or call me with any encouraging thoughts. I feel very blessed to have so many who care about me.

(Please take notice that I managed to leave the word “BUT” out of this whole conversation. Are you impressed?)



4 responses

10 04 2008

Still praying for you sister…. Great part of it is, God gets the last word on this. And since you are a kingdom person sent out to colonize for Christ I expect your work is FAAAAAR!!!!! From done.


10 04 2008

Dropping an encouraging thought! I love you.


11 04 2008

Good luck. I know that’s not fun to do. That is mom’s birthday, and it’s also secretaries day. Should be a good day, don’t you think?


15 04 2008

I love your creative tatoo location… who would ever have thought of that one? Hang in there Coni- remember that God takes care of us all our lives and then a little bit longer…

Love you,


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