Heal the wound

7 04 2008

There is a song that I am learning. It is called, Heal the wound. Props to Nicole Nordeman & Clint Lagerberg for this thought provoking song. Point of Grace recorded it but my BFF, Nancy, heard it sung a her church and brought it to my attention. She knows me better than anyone (besides Ed, of course) and she told me that I HAVE to sing this. She was right. I HAVE to sing this.

The lyrics say, Heal the wound but leave the scar. A reminder of how merciful you are.

After reading Johnny’s comment on the post below,  I am reminded of another verse which says;

I have not lived a life that boasts of anything. And I don’t take pride in what I bring. But I’ll build an altar with the rubble that You found me in. And every stone will sing of what You can redeem.

That is pretty much my life. Every now and then, I come across a song that speaks so clearly to my heart that it makes me wonder what the song writer has been through that could prompt these lyrics. This song affirms that strength can come out of pain. Beauty and truth can come out of turmoil and destruction. I want to enjoy the benefits but I never want to forget that I reached the good stuff by being carried through the sludge of life. God has a plan and a purpose for every life. Even this one.

I never could have imagined the kind of life I am living right now.

I plan to sing this song at A Call to Freedom, a seminar being held at the Rock on April 18 & 19. I will have the privelege of singing at all three parts of the seminar along with several other talented and anointed singers and musicians. God speaks through this song. If you can come to this event, you will be touched by His grace.



One response

7 04 2008

I am praying for you. Music has carried me through many things. When we were going through a hard time with Adam, I listened to The Days of Elijah almost everyday. I would say over and over again, “There’s no god like Jehovah”.


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