Whoop, there it is.

3 04 2008

This morning, I was feeling a bit insecure with the last post I wrote. Feeling like I may have put too much out there.

I feel pretty strongly that God has spared my life, not so I can hide my experiences away, but so I can share them and maybe help someone else in the process.

My main goal in starting this blog was so I could share my experience, strength and hope with anyone who wanted it. I trust that God leads the people He wants to this page. I realize that I have nothing to give of myself. I also know that God has proven Himself mighty in my life time and time again. I can assure you that I was never smart enough to do something so good for myself as to start going to AA. That was totally a God thing. At a time when I was so far removed from anything heavenly, He reached down and cleared the fog away just enough so I would realize that I was in serious trouble and needed some serious help. He had all the avenues of assistance set up before I made my first phone call. But, I can tell you that story another time. I have so many real life stories that need to be told.

surrenderedwarrior.blogspot.com wrote something that has given me the reassurance that I am on the right track.

So, fasten your seatbelts. I am not holding back any more.

Dear Lord, When courage is needed, when hope is lacking, when fear is looming, when desperation has crashed through the doors of life please use this place as a source of refuge and encouragement. May those who visit this page find laughter, love and peace. It is all in Your capable hands Lord.



2 responses

4 04 2008
Sara Lea

Do not hold back. Your testimony is so important. I know!!!! Your testimony has been my inspiration for a long time. I have watched over the years how God has moved in your life. Such Miracles!(Not to sound to Jewish) Shout it from the rooftops,baby!!!!


4 04 2008

Thank you Sara, my sweet Messianic Sister in Christ. You are very important to me.


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