Dinero or Cherokees or…?

27 03 2008

It has been an interesting week. The saga of the Colonoscopy yesterday has reached its end. (get it?) sorry, sometimes i can’t resist going for the goofy joke.

The nurse told me she was giving me a seditive. She said it was a fast acting one and then she put it in my IV. I felt a warmth move over my chest and said, “Oooh, I feel that in my… sigh”. That was all she wrote until they were wheeling me out to the car in a wheel chair. I don’t have any idea how I got into said wheel chair and I really didn’t care. Ed tells me that I slept all the way home and when I got into the house, I told him I was going to wander into the back bedroom. He came and found me curled up on the bed. That is where I stayed until about 4PM. When I stumbled into the kitchen there was a paper with pictures on the table. Not pretty pictures. One pic was my colon and the other was a polyp on my colon. The doc removed that and sent it off for tests. So the drama is not really over just yet. I am a bit uncomfortable today and I can’t lift anything over 25 lbs for the next 2 weeks.

Ed told me the doctor showed me these pics but I don’t remember seeing the doc or those pics. Ed said I just sat in the bed grinning and nodding my head. I’m sure I was.

Earlier this week, I got a call from a friend and co-worker who wanted to know if I was available to come to Connecticut to work on a movie with her. Robert Dinero and Drew Barrymore are the two actors she mentioned. “Heck Yeah!” Well, the production would have to spend more money to have me there then they would to hire someone from NY so guess what happened. Oh well.

I got another offer to do the next part of the PBS Indian series I just did in Boston. They loved the work we did on the first series and want us to do the rest. This one is about the Cherokee Indians and would film in Georgia on the last 2 weeks of May. I called them back and told them I would be available to do that job.

Today, I got a call from a hairstylist in LA to see if I am avaiable to work on a BIG feature film in SC. (Thank God the writers strike is over. Plenty of work out there right now) She told me there are lots of BIG actors in this one. I was not too impressive on the phone interview and I am kicking myself right now. Ed had a come to Jesus meeting with me and told me to stop selling myself short. I emailed her my resume and am waiting to hear back. I would take this job over the PBS because it runs longer, pays more and would give me some real good experience with lace wigs.

No matter what happens with this one, I will work and that is the good news.



2 responses

28 03 2008

You get some great opportunities!


28 03 2008

I really liked the joke about the mood ring! Still praying for you.


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