24 03 2008

spring-003.jpgToday was a special day in the life of my special man.

Ed turned 65 today. Officially old enough to retire which he has officially done, by the way.

We started our day today with coffee and breakfast at home. I took Ed to Olive Garden forspring-004.jpg

lunch and our lovely waitress, Kate, took good care of us. Even though it was quite busy and there were a lot of children in the restaraunt (no school today) she remained pleasant and had a laugh with us. Then came the part of the meal that every birthday celabratee dies of embarassment from. That’s right, the happy birthday song sung by the            spring-003.jpg

Olive Garden Ensemble.

Then, off to Sambuca downtown for a one hour massage. Help for that wounded body. Can you see how well the injury to his head has cleared up? It is barely visible except for the black dot in the middle of his forehead. Which reminds me of  a story about a man who was married to a woman that suffered from tremendous mood swings. In an effort to tell what her mood was each day, he bought her a mood ring. This worked very well for the husband. When she was happy the ring had a blue color to the stone. When she was grumpy it turned red and when she was in a real bad mood, it left a black mark right in the middle of his forehead.

Live, love and don’t forget to laugh today.



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27 03 2008



28 03 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Eddie


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