Name tags

18 03 2008

Whenever I go to a grocery store or a restaurant where people have to where name tags, I like to call these folks by their names. I also like to look at them and meet their eyes when I say their name. I am not really sure what that is about except perhaps respect. 

My food shopping gets done at the same couple of stores all the time, so I recognize the cashier and the people that bag my groceries. Today, Nathan asked the question of all super market baggers. “Paper or plastic?” I looked him in the eye and said, “plastic is fine Nathan. How are you today?”

Nathan proceeded to tell me that he was doing better. His mother had passed away and he took time off work to travel back to New Jersey and be with his family. She was 95 years old and had raised 6 boys who never got in trouble and never asked Mom and Dad for anything. Nathan was conflicted as he told me that he was proud of that but not happy that his mother had passed.

I just looked at him and listened. I told him I was sorry that he had lost his mother but it sounds like she had 6 boys to be proud of. Then I touched his arm and asked God to bless him. He smiled and thanked me.

No big deal. It took nothing out of my day and it did not stop Nathan from hurting from the loss of his beloved mother. But someone called him by name today, looked him in the eye and listened to a little bit of his heart.

I like calling people by name.



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18 03 2008

That’s so cool. I wish I could remember to slow down long enough to do things like that.


18 03 2008

Thanks for reminding me. Calling someone by name makes them feel
special and that you care about them. And isn’t that what we as christians are
supposed to do. So why don’t I?


20 03 2008
Jen Easley

I try to do the same thing. It was a habit I got into as an Army brat because we had to call people by their correct name and rank. I like people calling me by my name so I do my best to return the favor. I think Nathan needed someone to ask how he was doing and really want to know. way to be available.


22 03 2008

Must’ve gotten that one from you too.

Our W/D cashier, Mrs. Barbara, went on vacation. The first time she rang us up I asked is she’d enjoyed her time off. She just welled up & began to tell me about her husband’s passing. He had died unexpectedly on her first day of vacation.

I did much the same as you did with nathan; layed my hand over hers, listened, prayed. Somehow God used that to minister something to her, and now she hugs me when she sees me.

Sy Rogers was here a couple of weeks ago & said something incredible. We all want to know that we have value – that our pain matters.


22 03 2008

That’s my girl! you are such a cool kid and I love you this much.


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