Wandering Bull to the rescue

15 03 2008

I am still trying to put away all my equipment and wigs. I brought nearly everything I own for this job.

The name of the documentary is The American Experience. It will show on PBS but I don’t know when yet.

There were really 3 facets of the hairstyles. The first 3 days were Pilgrims and Wampanoag. This is where we used the lace front wigs for the pilgrims and shaved some heads and glued hair on the crown for some of the Wampanoag. Some of these guys had beautiful hair that we were able to style and add head dresses to. Some brought their own beautiful head dresses that we were able to use. Our Native Americans are very cool people.

 One interesting side bar happened with our Native advisor. This fellow sounded like he was going to be very informative about the Wampanoag in the 1600s. After all, he worked at Plymouth Plantation and he is a Native American so I was really wanting to respect him and use the knowledge that he offered. I got pretty excited when he told me that he would MAKE the head dresses that I would need for the Wampanoag scenes. He told me what he would use to make them and, basically, what the roaches would look like. I have done some research into this era and these people and it sounded like he knew what he was talking about. However, he said something in one of our phone conversations that tipped my radar. My friend Jennifer has done more work on Native films than I and she suggested that I shop for my feathers and things on line at Wandering Bull. I decided to check out the website and, low and behold, the actual store is located about 20 minutes away from where we were filming. I made myself a just in case list and trotted off to my first day of fittings the next day. Advisor guy was supposed to meet me with the head dresses. When he didn’t show up, I called to see if he was coming. He assured me that he would meet me within the hour. Three hours later, the producer called to see if he was coming. He told  her that he had informed me that I would get nothing from him and he was not coming. Not sure why he needed to do that but, I was grateful for the gut feeling the day before because I had a back up. I called the store and, Andy, the owner was glad to stay open long enough for me to send a driver to pick up $300 worth of regalia. We ended up saving the production company $1300 from what Advisor guy wanted to charge for the rental of these items he was supposed to make for us. I happen to think that was God watching my back. There were a few more incidences that I would attribute to God as well. A woman I know calls them God winks. 😉



One response

17 03 2008
Sarah M

Hi there,

I work for PBS American Experience and saw your posting. The name of the Project you worked on is We Shall Remain. It is a series within the American Experience Series and will air on PBS April 2009. We are trying to work with folks that worked on the project to help get the word out. We are nonprofit so we don’t have big marketing budgets like the network. Cheers.



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