Looking good, Baby.

15 03 2008


Here he is after a couple of hours in Medac. We watched tv while we waited. Bill Engvall, country comedian, was doing the Here’s your Sign Awards! That is an award for doing or saying something really dumb. We thought it was quite a fitting way to entertain ourselves while waiting for possible stitches. They cleaned the wound, removed some gravel, gave him a tetanus shot and patched him up with suture bandages. No stiches due to the shape of the boo-boo and all the scraped skin around it.

I love me a man with scars!



2 responses

17 03 2008

Somewhere the theme music to Rocky is playing……. Just be careful on the steps.


18 03 2008

Awwwwwww. At least he still has his great big smile on!


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