Pilgrims and Natives

9 03 2008

img_1661.jpgimg_1674.jpgimg_1676.jpgimg_1685.jpgThis is some of the work I have been doing with a team of talented hairstylists and make up artists.

Top is our character of Massasoit.

Next is our character of Tisquantum, more commonly known to us as Squanto.

Next is a warrior of the Wampanoag.

Last, but not least, is our Governor William Brewster,

This shoot is going so well. It is obvious to me that the prayer warriors are on their task behind the scenes. Thanks to all of you.

Today, we move onto Sturbridge Village and begin to shoot the period of 1823-1834. My knowledge of period hairstyles is being expanded on this one. All in all, I am having a good shoot.

I am SOOOO looking forward to coming home this week and singing at the Rock!! Love to all of you.



6 responses

9 03 2008

Wow Mom – awesome job!

Those poor guys having to be shirtless in March! I can see the one guy behind the scenes in his winter jacket & hat – must have been the envy of the whole group.

What is the story behind the face paint? I didn’t realize that was something common to the Wampanog tribe.

Love you.


9 03 2008

We sure do miss you. How’s the weather? Can’t wait to see you when you get back.


10 03 2008

What incredible pictures, Coni! You have the coolest (and possibly right now the coldest) job!

Miss you


10 03 2008

Wow – that is amazing, Coni! We miss you so much but are really thrilled that things are going well at the shoot. We’ll see you this weekend! Love you a bunch!


12 03 2008

Wow! They all look GREAT! I hope you are feeling better! Stay warm!


17 03 2008

Wow! I remember going on a field trip so long ago to Sturbridge Village. I loved it.


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