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6 03 2008

Plymouth is not near as cold as I expected. Today, I am sitting on a closed in deck over Plymouth Harbor while my Pilgrim actors are on a shallop, rowing in to shore. There is no room for a hair stylist on the shallop. So, here I sit, warm and comfy and on line.

The shoot has been very successful thus far. The wigs worked out well and looked very real. The Wampanoag Indians were portrayed by Native Americans who look amazing. Most of them attend powows and dance so they have their own head dresses and skins and I was able to use a lot of their own stuff.

Unfortunately, the Native adviser on this show promised me the moon and gave me nothing to work with. God is good though.

My co-worker has my camera on set with her right now but I will try to post a photo or two over the weekend. Our call times have been 4 AM every morning and we have not worked less than a 14 hour day. I am tired and fighting a cold but I am blessed and HIGHLY favored.

Thank you to everyone who has called or prayed for me or sent me e-mail blessings. Please forgive me for not getting back to you personally. I will be home on Weds. of next week. I will be so happy to be home and at church!!! I miss my Rock family.



4 responses

6 03 2008

been thinking of you. figured you were working crazy hours. and i know it’s hard to twitter with a wig in your hands. lots of vitamin c….


6 03 2008

Alright Coni…. Hang tough!!!! See you soon.


8 03 2008

Glad things are going well – been praying for ya.
Can’t wait to see those pictures!

Love you


8 03 2008

What I love about our Non is how stinking funny she is. About the tattoo entry, I am still laughing about the pillow you are holding, to not break the rules! I LOVE YOU. and natalie glenn and nate do too!


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