1 03 2008

coniandress2-tm.jpgconiandress1-tm.jpgCarlos threw a challenge out there for those of us who subscribe to his blog. He wanted to know how many folks have been “inked”. Check out the call to tats here. He did ask, “no boobies, please”. That is why I am holding the pillow. I wanted to be careful to follow the rules.

Here is the story of my tattoo.

First of all, it covers another tat that I got when I was a 15 year old runaway living with an outlaw motorcycle club. It was 1967. I got the name of my first love written on my arm until he told me if I didn’t remove his name he would have to cut my arm off. I had it professionally done too. I thought it looked really good but then again, I liked my arm attached to my body. OK, so he wasn’t my love after that. When I was 15 and a half, I went back to the tattoo parlor and got this killer Harley Davidson eagle put over what’s his names name. Lesson learned… um… until I was 18 and I married this really cool junkie that I fell in love with.

Then, I had his name put under the eagle. I became a junkie myself, decided to leave him before one of us killed the other and sat drunk, in a biker bar, rubbing salt on his name until I rubbed all the skin off.  Then I had a killer scar where what’s his name #2’s name used to be. I really remember his name. It was Eddie.

Thank God, I finally went to AA and got clean and sober and met the man who is my husband today. He really is my true love. We have been married for 25 years. His name is Ed. Go figure.

His tattoo is the little mouse shrugging his shoulders and saying, nobody’s perfect. That speaks for both of us.

Don’t even try to tell me that God doesn’t have a sense of humor. He knew that Ed and I would make a lifetime covenant with each other one day. I don’t need to put Ed’s name on my body because it is stamped indelibly on my heart.



3 responses

1 03 2008


Great story sis. God’s mercy is amazing…


4 03 2008

I’ve been sitting choir practice reading your blogs. Got here early. I’m not leading, so I didn’t need to be here this early.


4 03 2008

Great Story Coni….. It is awesome how God can redeem us from the darkest places in our lives.

P.S. We miss you on Sundays. Hurry Home!


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