29 02 2008

Tonight, I watched 2 back to back episodes of Lost.

Alright now, let me back up to the story I am trying to tell. You all know that I am going to Plymouth, Mass. to start a show that I am trepidacious about. God keeps doing cool things to comfort me and assure me that this is His plan, not mine.

I did not go looking for this job. In fact, my dear friend, Jennifer, was supposed to do it. She was hired and all ready to jump into the research part when she got a call from a television series being filmed in Pa. They had a woman named Rita who was going to work with them but when the writer’s strike ended she was called back to do Lost. The poor dear (I am so kidding) leaves for Hawaii on March 6th. So, Rita was out and Jennifer was in. That left the job in Plymouth opened and Jennifer recommended me. Are ya with me so far?

I need some hairdressers to help me for several days so, I got a hold of the Union roster and started making phone calls. One of the names on the list is a woman who was involved in getting me my very first hairstyling job in film. She happens to live about 20 minutes away from where we are working. I called her and asked if she was available to come work with me and, to my surprise, she said yes. There was only one problem, she told me. She was leaving on March 6th to go to Hawaii to go back to work on Lost.

Rita is the hairstylist that Jennifer is replacing in Pa. which left the job open in Plymouth which puts me to work right down the street from where I used to live. And Rita is coming to work with me! Is this like seven degrees of…. never mind.

You can call that whatever you want but I call it Divine Providence.

I was also fortunate enough to get another woman who I have worked with several times over the years. Usually, she is the one calling me with work, but this time I get to give her a job. She is delightful to work with. We 3 are going to have the best time.

Every day some little thing happens to let me know that God is orchestrating and giving me favor.

All of my equipment and supplies are packed up and I just have some last minute things to pack in the morning before we head out. The dogs will be taken care of and the house will be guarded and watched.

Oh, by the way, I watched Lost tonight because Rita built a crew cut wig to use on one of her actors who has long hair. Yep, she knows more about wigs than most people I know. It looked really good too. If I wasn’t watching with a discerning eye and scrutinizing every lighting angle, I would not have known it was a wig.

I am so blessed!



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