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28 02 2008

I have been meaning to put up a pic of Ed in one of the good wigs that I got in from LA but it has really been a mad house around here.

Amidst all the packing and prepping for the show, I have been dealing with some health issues. After much testing and probing and dropping of some nasty sounding diagnosis ( what the heck is the plural of that word anyway?), we finally boiled it down to Pulmonary Fibrosis. That is better than some of the stuff they were saying but still not my favorite day. I saw a pulmonary specialist today and he said that I am really doing pretty good. My oxygen levels were nearly perfect and I don’t seem to be inhibited by this thing. He said we will have another CT scan in 6 months to see how fast or slow it is progressing. OR, to see evidence of a complete healing. That is my prayer.

I am still planning to live to be 100, so keep looking for that house with the in-law apartment Fawn and Brian.

In the meantime, I will go on a detox cleanse diet even more rigorous than the one I did a couple of months agao. I got all the info and the supplements yesterday. I am just trying to decide if I can do this while working out of town under stressful conditions, living in a hotel and visiting with family. Might be better to wait until I get home. After all, I don’t really want to watch everyone eat good New England seafood while I slurp down my green drink. Sounds like I just made up my mind.

So, maybe tomorrow will be a photo of Special Ed in another wig. Stay tuned.



One response

28 02 2008


Instead of 100, why not make it 120 ? 🙂

Love ya!



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