Coni wigs out

23 02 2008


My poor studio is a mess today. I have dragged out every wig and hair piece that I own so I could choose what I think I will need for this job. There is always so much prep work to do. It is really challenging to make my ADD brain think in an organized manner. The evidence of that statement is in the pics above. Not only am I packing wigs but I also have to have my blow dryers, curling irons, ect. Then, bobby pins, hairstyling products and a ton of other stuff. Ahhh, the glamorous life! I hope it doesn’t sound like I am complaining. It can just have its overwhelming moments.

The wigs that are lined up are the ones I have already washed and styled. The poster propped up on my chair has pictures of the Pilgrim characters and photos of the actors who will portray them. We will have a great looking cast of Native Americans playing the Wampanoag tribe as well. I had to make the poster in order to keep straight who is who. I am grateful that I have learned some techniques to help keep my thinking straight.

Thank goodness Mary came over and asked if Ed and I wanted to go to Olive Garden for dinner. We had a good meal with good company. Twelve year old Rachel looked adorable and baby Tamara was precious as always. Tim and Ed were kinda cute too but Mary and I out shined them, of course.

When we got home, I decided to stay out of the studio for the rest of the evening. I have been in there all day today. 

Ed has been helping me practice getting a wig applied faster. Timing is almost as important as making a wig look like real hair. Every night, Ed comes in and sits in the hydraulic chair for about an hour. That is how long it takes me to put a wig on him. Now THAT is a good man. I am truly blessed.



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24 02 2008
Stacey Derbinshire

I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Stacey Derbinshire


24 02 2008

Wow! I’m glad to see someone else packs the way I do.


28 02 2008

I love to see the photographs of your work. It’s so interesting to see the inside of the industry- see the magic behind the screen. Who would ever have thought that doing hair was such a complicated thing? Please- more technical stuff! You haven’t bored me yet & I would love to know more details about what you do.


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