What if?

22 02 2008

In one of my morning devotions I read the familiar story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. It is in Matthew 14.

  • Jesus, moved with compassion, spent the whole day ministering healing and deliverance to the crowd that followed Him to a deserted place.
  • That evening, His disciples came to Him with another need.
  • They wanted Jesus to send the people away to find something to eat.
  • Jesus said to them, “They don’t have to go away. You give them something to eat.”
  • The disciples took honest stock of what they had and it simply was not enough to even make a dent in feeding that crowd.
  • Jesus said, “Bring me what you have.”

We know the rest of the story. Jesus took the 5 loaves and 2 fish. He blessed them, broke the food up and gave it to the disciples to hand out. It was more than enough to feed every person who was there.

I look at what I possess to accomplish my BIG DREAM and I realize it simply is not enough. In my mind, a big neon sign flashes, inadequate funds.

The disciples brought what they had to Jesus. What if I just bring what I have to Jesus? What if I don’t wait until I have enough resources, enough talent, enough of a reputation? Just bring Him what I have.

What if I just give it to Him, as is, and let Him bless it? What if I let Him break it? Can I trust that when He gives it back to me, I will have enough to accomplish the BIG DREAM that He has given to me.

I think so. But then, I have to give it away in order to see it multiplied to become enough. I can’t horde it for my own selfish gain. In God’s economy, it is always about giving. He gives to us so we can give to someone else. I have discovered that it is impossible to out-give God.

That’s what has been stirring in me for the past week.



2 responses

22 02 2008

I don’t believe it’s as much about ‘giving’ as it is about ‘yielding.’ By that I mean as Christians, we aren’t really in a position to ‘give’ anything, after all, we don’t have anything to give.


Everything is God’s, is it not? He is the Giver, not us. We’re just called to be in agreement with Him- when He wants to give ‘something’ (and we happen to be in possession of it at the time), it’s really just a matter of yielding to His will.

I know that’s one of those, easier-said-than-done type remarks, but nonetheless, it doesn’t negate the truth.


22 02 2008

Absolutely Dave. Good point.
I guess I was combining another scripture here about burying our talents. That is what I was referring to when I said, “give it away”. God gives to me and then I must be a steward of what He has given. I can get selfish sometimes and either not want to do the work involved in giving or just keep a blessing all to myself.
But, in the end, it is all about the yeilding. Thanks for your input.


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