22 02 2008


Moses was 80 and Aaron was 83 when they went before Pharaoh! They entered into the greatest adventure ever when they were in their 80’s. That is amazing.

So much for my justification that 55 years old is too old to accomplish much more. Imagine the things that Moses and Aaron participated in and witnessed. They could have missed it all if they decided to break out the rockers and sit on the front porch.

Aaron was told to throw down in front of Pharaoh. For real. He threw down his rod and it became a snake by the power of Yahweh. The magicians came out and tried to duplicate this mighty act of God. They somehow turned their sticks into snakes too. Not looking so impressive for Aaron and Moses about now, BUT… “My Daddy can beat your Daddy!” Aaron’s snake ate all the other ones. He could have missed that whole miraculous scene if he retired at the ripe old age of 79.

Guess, I don’t have an excuse. Fifty five is long enough for me to have gained some faith. Time to go on an adventure.

Dear Lord, Help me to realize my value to You. Help me to keep my focus on You. Help me to see adversity as a door to adventure. Bless all who will read this meditation. Thank You and Amen.



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22 02 2008

Ya know, Moses spent 40 some odd years in the desert being prepared for those miraculous moments… the way I figure it you’re 25 years ahead of the game. Just a thought.

Anyway, from the vantage point of a centenarian you’ve just hit half time & have got at leat another 50 yrs. of kickin’ devil butt to go!

Check out Pastor Bobby’s blog for today ( – it is a great one. I’m standing on your shoulders in a lot of ways. I’m so thankful for you & Dad. You guys rock!


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