What’s shakin’?

19 02 2008

Man, some one is furious with me and it isn’t God!

Some thing is shaking in the Heavens. God is SOOO on my side! Nothing is going to happen in my life or to my life that God has not given permission for. I am going to dream dreams and I am going after those dreams.

I know I have mentioned this before and I hope you won’t think I am a one trick pony. It’s just that I am living this out now and the journey is worth recording here.

We just finished up a very inspiring series at my church called Dream On. I know I won’t do it justice here but… it had to do with the dreams that God puts in our hearts. I was challenged to dream again. Once I identified my dream I was encouraged to go after it. I am living that part out right now. So far, it is requiring a lot of faith and some courage. I am having to dig in deep and push on through some adversity. I am definitely not in my comfort zone anymore.

A blogger friend has done a very cool music/sport montage to “Dream On”. He even got my favorite sports moment in there. I found myself grinning real big at the end of it.

 Hope you are blessed with the courage to dream on.



2 responses

19 02 2008

dream with God.
Don’t invite God into your dream!


19 02 2008

I have loved hearing and reading about new, God sized dreams coming to life. Go big because God is big.


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