Amazing Grace and Favor

17 02 2008

My life has been amazing. To have been through the crazy things I have been through and still be alive is a miracle. There are three or four events in my life that could easily have resulted in my death. I have to believe that God has a job for me to do that I have not completed yet.

My thoughts are spinning as I am preparing to go out of town to work. I am actually going back to the area where I was drunk last and where I got sober in AA.

At the end of my drinking, I was not able to hold down a job. I was depressed, suicidal, homicidal and an unfit mother of a beautiful little girl. God literally reached into the gutter and pulled me out. He used AA principles and the people in it to teach me that I could be loved. I got sober and tried to carry the message to other alcoholics. I have seen many success stories of lives changed for the better. One of those stories is my story.

After I got sober and had some counseling, (oh, how I needed counseling) I went to hairdressing school. It was the first thing I had completed since I was a child.When I moved here, doors opened for me in the film industry. Not what I was looking for, by the way. I wanted to be a gospel singer and help broken women find their worth in God. God wanted to take this broken woman and lead her into another field for His glory. As the song says, the rest is still unwritten.

So, here I am. I will be going to Plymouth, Mass. for the first two weeks in March. I will be the head of the hair dept. on the documentary called We Shall Remain. I still feel completely inadequate to accomplish this job, but I feel that this open door is a God thing. I will do it afraid and God will get the glory. Or… I will be fired and go visit my grand kids for a couple of days. Looks like I win no matter what.

PS. My husband has asked me to say that he disagrees with the way I have ended the post. He thinks I am wonderful and talented and I can do this job. And he’s gonna visit the grandkids while I am working.  He made me type this!



3 responses

19 02 2008

You’ll do just grand! Ed wouldn’t make you type it if it wasn’t true! Have fun!


21 02 2008
the Tim

you are absolutely gifted and absolutely talented. It is always my pleasure to hear you sing, to see you work on the girl’s hair as the artist you are, and to be your neighbor. You and Ed are great, great friends and I love you.



23 02 2008

You can do it, coni!

Why does everybody think that only missionaries, ministers, singers & evangelists serve God?

God needs believing judges, traffic cops, grocery clerks, auto mechanics (oh boy, does he!) mothers, teachers, Senators, recreation directors, film-makers, daughters, politicians, garbage collectors, sales clerks, and hair stylists.

Why do we think one job is more important than another? We SEE with our eyes the glory the people behind the microphone get, but we have to believe by FAITH the everlasting glory the behind-the-scenes people bring to dark places.

In your life you will touch people that would never have been touched if you had been a Gospel singer. You are an undercover agent for Christ on a mission from God and you WILL NOT FAIL. His favor is upon you….

Love you,


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